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As a parent in the My Whole Child family, you know you can depend on our team to treat your child as our child to take care of them until they are adults !

Dr. Mehrotra

Pediatric childcare at its best

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My whole Child

An Integrative centre for special needs

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A Happy & Healthy Child


Our team of medical practitioners work together with parents

To ensure their child's good heath & Proper growth


They monitor developmental milestones to identify any challenges early on

Being proactive to provide early intervention helps children attain their maximum potential


Our team of medical practitioners guides families and children through our integrated child care program and support groups

Emotional and informational support to families of children and new parents helps in the overall well -being of families


Our team of medical practitioners continues to explores opportunities

To ensure that we nurture a world of happy and healthier children

About us

Dr Naveen Mehrotra is a board certified pediatrician with a special interest in child development and early Intervention. He utilizes his interest in complementary and alternative medicine to bring an integrated approach to improving a child's health. With the support and encouragement from his community in and around New Jersey, he has stepped up to leverage his 20+ years of experience and expertise to provide the best holistic support to your child and your family.

His vision is to bring a difference in care giving and care givers.- "My Whole Child"

We know how important your child is to you. That's why - We care, like you do !

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